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About Missouri Rehabilitation Association

Missouri Rehabilitation Association, Eastern Chapter is a local chapter of the National Rehabilitation Association.  MRA is a member organization that promotes ethical and state of the art practice in rehabilitation with the goal of the personal and economic independence of persons with disabilities.

Not long after Congress passed the National Rehabilitation Act of 1920, the National Rehabilitation Association (NRA) began its commitment to persons with disabilities. As the oldest and strongest advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities, our mission is to provide advocacy, awareness and career advancement for professionals in the fields of rehabilitation.
Our members include rehabilitation counselors, physical, speech and occupational therapists, job trainers, consultants, independent living instructors, students in rehabilitation programs, and other professionals involved in the advocacy of programs and services for people with disabilities.

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Our Mission

To provide exemplary leadership through social advocacy and legislation, advance cultural awareness and competence across communities, promote excellence in research and practice, and support professionals engaged in the employment and independence of individuals with disabilities.

Vision and Values

The MRA is committed to advancing the professional practices of rehabilitation driven by culturally competent, ethical, evidence-based and accountable practices so that individuals with disabilities would be regarded and valued as full members of our society. These individuals deserve equal access, expression of choice, and security of freedom within our communities when engaging in all aspects of life.

The MRA draws strength from the unique training, education, and credentialing of our diverse membership that believes excellence and outcomes are achieved by upholding the utmost importance of continuous learning, and professional and personal enrichment.

The MRA values collaborative partnerships and relationships.  Our membership reflects the importance placed on integrity, respect, transparency, accountability, and collaboration across the full spectrum of the rehabilitation profession.

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Supporting Our Mission

The mission of the Missouri Rehabilitation Association shall be carried out by activities such as:

  • Provide, through conference on a state level, a forum for the discussion of all the problems relating to total rehabilitation for persons with disabilities.

  • Encourage an interdisciplinary approach to problems of rehabilitation through maximum use of knowledge and skills of all professions.

  • Increase public understanding of the social and economic gain to individuals and to the State through providing opportunities for all persons with disabilities in Missouri to become self-sufficient, self-supporting and contributing members of society.

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