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I have worked in the field of helping individuals with disabilities obtain and maintain employment for over eight years. I started my journey at MERS Goodwill as a Discovery and Exploration Specialist assisting individuals with finding the right job that would match their skills and abilities while identifying supports necessary for them to be successful in the workplace. I then took on a new role as a Job Developer with Preferred Employment Services assisting individuals with resume building, applying for jobs, advocating for accommodations in the workplace and assisting with maintaining employment. I then moved on to my dream job as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor working for the state of Missouri to provide vocational guidance and counseling to assist clients with training and employment goals. I currently hold the role of Assistant District Supervisor for the St. Charles Vocational Retaliation office. I love coming to work every day! We have a wonderful team who are passionate about empowering and transforming lives of individuals with disabilities and making an impact in our community.  Being able to impact and change the lives of others is such a rewarding feeling that words cannot describe!  I joined MRA in 2015 for three years in various roles and had to take a step back to be a new mom but now I am ready to start again being a board member at large. In my spare time I love spending time with my family, I enjoy gardening and taking care of all my farm animals where I live out in the country.

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