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2023 Award Winners

Please help us celebrate our 2023 Award winners!

Image by Annie Spratt

Consumer of the Year
Thomas Spinaio

Given to an individual with a disability who has successfully overcome their limitations to improve their independence. This award recognizes an individual who goes above and beyond to make a difference and has a commitment to excellence.

President Award
Karen Klenke

Recognizes an individual who goes above and beyond in service to individuals with disabilities, ensuring excellent service in achieving individual goals. An individual who promotes to create and support an inclusive, welcoming and equitable workplace for all served. To be given at the President’s discretion.

Volunteering with Childrenjpg

Community Service
Reba Downs, HR Community Impact, Target

Recognizes an individual or group outside of the rehabilitation community who chooses to walk this path in service to help better the lives of individuals with disabilities. Their work creates more diverse and inclusive communities for people with disabilities and their families. This may be through leadership, advocacy, research, policy, and practice.

Support Staff 
Janice Schenewerk

Recognizes an employee who has shown exemplary service by supporting staff and or candidates reach their employment goals.

Image by Matt Noble

Employer of the Year
Craftsmen Industries

Recognizes an employer in the community who has made a significant difference in advancing the employment opportunities of individuals with disabilities. Examples: allowing for job shadows, informational interviews, assisting with mock interviews, and training internal staff on disability inclusion.

Megan Piontek Award
Cheyann Schneider

 Recognizes a graduate student or a recent graduate in the field of Rehabilitation who has demonstrated exemplary initiative, service in the field, and leadership potential.

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