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What is Professional Engagement and Why is it Essential to Examine

By Michael Kiener PhD, CRC Director of Rehabilitation Counseling Maryville University, Missouri Rehabilitation Association Eastern Chapter, Co-host of Mentor Moments podcast.

Missouri Rehabilitation Association eastern chapter (MRA ec) is excited to announce a new blog series on professional engagement! This series will be a collaboration between MRA ec and Maryville University’s Rehabilitation Counseling program. A center piece of the blog will be the release of the Professional Engagement Questionnaire (PEQ). This tool will help individuals better identify ways they are already engaged and provide techniques to increase professional engagement to support service provision and career development.   

The intent of the blog series is to examine professional engagement from multiple perspectives including well-being, ethical considerations, career development, and its connection to the sustainability of professional organizations. MRA ec is committed to engaging with the rehabilitation community and providing meaningful opportunities to connect with professionals locally and beyond. In short, the PEQ is one simple way for MRA ec to give back to the rehabilitation community. Each blog will include a topic related to PE, questions to further reflect on, and a take home activity to support continued development.  

A Helpful Place to Start 

Please reflect on the following statements.  

1.  In your own words, define professional engagement and compare it to the below definition.

2.  List and or describe actions that demonstrate engagement.

3.  Describe how you feel when you are most engaged at work.

4.  Over the past few months how often have you thought about being professionally engaged?

Definition of PE

For this blog series, professional engagement is defined as the level of commitment and active participation that individuals exhibit in their professional activities and careers. It encompasses a genuine interest and enthusiasm for one’s work, as well as dedication to ongoing learning, adaptability, and excellence in performance. Professional engagement goes beyond the routine tasks associated with a job and involves a proactive and positive approach to professional development, collaboration with colleagues, and contributing to the broader goals of the field while maintaining a healthy work life.

How does this definition compare to the one you developed?

Take Home Activity

Select statements 2 or 3 and develop a plan to more intentionally identify and develop PE. For example, if collaborating with others is one of your PE activities, identify how you have collaborated with others and how you can continue to develop collaborations. Or, if learning new skills is energizing, what is your plan for continuing education and sharing your knowledge with others?

Blog Post Two

Look for the next post on the characteristics of professional engagement!!!

Interested in learning more about professional engagement, check out a podcast from Mentor Moments on the Professional Engagement Questionnaire.

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