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A Month in Review

Check out what Maryville's rehabilitation counseling program and the Missouri Rehabilitation Association Eastern Chapter has produced over the last month!

Podcast: Mentor Moments

Over the past month we have published episodes 7 and 8 of Mentor Moments. Check us out if you have not or want to catch up on previous episodes!

Episode 7 - Lesa Barber, MA, CRC.

Episode 8 - Richard Sizemore & Betsy Civilette

Blog: The Next Big Blog

We have published 3 blog stories all focusing on different aspects of wellness. If you enjoy these posts, we have a total of 6 posts on out blog site with additional topics scheduled to published next month!

A Healthier Approach to Resolutions

Let's Get Physical

Motivation and Establishing New Behaviors that Last

YouTube Channel: Maryville's Rehabilitation Counseling

Check out virtual tour of Maryville's counseling labs. In addition to the vidoe on the counseling labds, learn more information about Maryville's program and meet a graduate from the program.

Counseling labs tour

Please stay tuned for more from the Missouri Rehabilitation Association Eastern Chapter and Maryville's rehabilitation counseling program.

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