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Discover the 2023 MRA Annual Training Conference

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

June 5-7, 2023 Tan-Tar-A Margaritaville Lake Resort

The Power of Partnerships: Creating Success in New Opportunities

MRA is pleased to host another great opportunity to gather and learn as a community at our annual state training conference. This year’s theme is: The Power of Partnerships: Creating Success in New Opportunities. We are striving to create formal and informal opportunities for people to meet, share ideas, build on already strong programs, and provide an atmosphere of inclusion and innovation.

Here are the top ten reasons to attend the conference!

1. To learn about new resources and techniques that can help individuals with

disabilities gain independence and employment.

2. To feel a greater connection to a community of individuals with shared experiences.

3. To gain valuable insight into best practices and strategies for helping people with disabilities.

4. To network with other professionals and to build partnerships.

5. To gain access to continuing education and professional development opportunities.

6. To explore potential job and career opportunities.

7. To gain a greater understanding of the challenges and issues faced by individuals with disabilities.

8. To gain a better understanding of the legal and ethical issues related to rehabilitation counseling.

9. To gain access to a variety of speakers and workshops.

10. To recharge and have fun!

Share your knowledge and submit a proposal to be a presenter!

Deadline to submit proposals is March 31, 2023.

Show your support for the conference by becoming a sponsor or exhibitor!

Missouri Rehabilitation Association is looking for 2023 conference sponsors. In addition to reserving your agency's exhibit space, please consider becoming a sponsor to highlight your partnership throughout the conference including in conference app communications, logo displayed on conference screens, acknowledgment on social media and webpage all year!

Register now and receive the early bird discount (ends 5/7/2023).

Attendees will receive will receive certified rehabilitation counselor continuing education credits , a hot breakfast each morning and banquet lunch on Monday. Engage in multiple networking opportunities.

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