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Nurturing Resilience: Preparing for Your Career Journey

By Michael Kiener PhD, CRC Director of Rehabilitation Counseling Maryville University, Missouri Rehabilitation Association Eastern Chapter, Co-host of Mentor Moments podcast.

In our previous blog post, Unlocking the Potential Within: Embracing the Mid-Career Journey of Awakening, we explored the transformative power of mid-career awakenings and how they can lead to personal growth and positive change. Building upon that, it's crucial to delve deeper into the importance of self-awareness and proactive measures to navigate career challenges. By being aware of potential crises before they happen, we can cultivate resilience and embrace the journey with greater preparedness and confidence.

Tip 1: Proactive Self-Reflection: Harnessing the Power of Introspection

Engaging in regular self-reflection helps individuals develop a deeper understanding of their values, goals, and aspirations. We delve into practical techniques such as journaling, meditation, and seeking professional guidance to facilitate this introspective journey. By proactively engaging in self-reflection, individuals can establish a solid foundation for self-discovery and growth.

  • Incorporate various self-reflection techniques such as journaling, mindfulness, or engaging in regular solitude.

  • Work with trusted colleagues and or mentors and actively discuss your career progress. Discuss your work values, desires, and goals to ensure you are in alignment.

  • Emphasize setting aside dedicated time for introspection and self-discovery.


By proactively acknowledging the potential for career crises and adopting strategies to enhance self-awareness and resilience, individuals can navigate this transformative stage with greater ease and purpose. This follow-up blog emphasizes the significance of being aware of crises before they happen and provides practical steps for fostering personal growth and embracing the journey of mid-life transitions. With a proactive mindset and the right tools, we can transform challenges into stepping stones for a brighter future.

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